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Best Things to Do in Athens and Greece "as a Local"

Are you asking yourself about the "Things To Do in Athens", searching for the tips on "What can I do in Athens" and scrolling the Facebook Groups on the topic "What are the top attractions in Athens?"

These are the things one can do in Athens

Easy way to discover the best restaurants, coffe-shops, tavernas, souvlaki deliveries, shops, health and beauty centers, cafes and places around the city by categories.

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At Fastgreece blog there are posts with tips and tricks that can help planning self-made customised trip to Athens, Greece


70 Countries who’s citizens Will Be Able to Visit Greece in Summer 2020

This is the current up-to-dated information on citizens of which countries and when will be enter Greece in Summer 2020. The dates are different for all countries. Share and keep this information! PS Information is up-to-dated on the moment of writing but Greek government has the right to change their decisions in the case of […]

coronavirus holiday destination, summer holiday 2020

4 Tips on How to Enter Greece after Quarantine

Greece gradually started to open the tourist season. There are now some restriction on how to enter Greece. These restrictions vary from country to country and there are different deadlines on opening borders for different countries. Anyway, there are 4 common tips on how to use Greece for all incoming passengers travelling from abroad. 1 […]

top touristic attractions athens monastiraki square

4 Stunning Squares and 3 Beautiful and Gorgeous Fontains to See in the Central Athens in post-coronavirus era of 2020

At the times of after-coronavirus pandemic situation the traveling, just like any other global branch of economy, is suffering from the most deep impact in its modern history of the last century. Traveling to Athens, the capital of Greece is not an exclusion. Athens enjoyed the period of blooming, the most promising one, followed by […]

things to do in athens in 2 days - national historical museum athens

Coronavirus Athens Greece. Athens, Greece 2 Months Ago vs Athens Now

In anticipation of the news that came from Athens recently, its interesting to have a look at Athens two months ago and one of the central places in Athens – Monastiraki Square and how it looked just on the last weekend. Two months ago, on 23rd March, Greece imposed the quarantine ban on all movements […]

lufthansa restarted flights to greece

Summer 2020 After Coronavirus. Lufthansa restarted flights to Greece from 18th May 2020

The largest German airline Lufthansa restarted flights to Athens and other tourist destinations in Greece on 18th of May. The plane that arrived to Athens airport was full of passengers, and all of them were wearing masks. These measures confirms the measurements that Greek government issued in preparation of easing lockdown due to current pandemic situation.


10 Adorable and Best Beaches in Greece missing you now. List of Greek Beaches.

The beginning is promising. Also the weather conditions last weekend forced many people to escape the overheated center of the city as temperatures risen for up to +40 degrees in central Attica district. As it was hard to overcome the strongest heatwave in May in the last 50 years, the same factor played a good role for the best Greek Beaches. Opening in such an unusual situation succeed!

the British newspaper notes that Greek government organising a plan to restart tourist activities in Greece: Athens, the capital of Greece and Greek islands. While Greek government positioning Greece as a "safe, coronavirus holiday destination" for the summer 2020, the UK's news giant believes that

Athens, Greece in preparation for the tourist season 2020

the British newspaper notes that Greek government organising a plan to restart tourist activities in Greece: Athens, the capital of Greece and Greek islands. While Greek government positioning Greece as a “safe, coronavirus holiday destination” for the summer 2020, the UK’s news giant believes that

What to Drink in Athens? Coffee at Veneti Coffee Shop and Bakery Athens

Athens, Greece. Coronavirus Update. First Saturday after complete lockdown brought people on the streets

It is May and normally Athens, Greece and Greek islands were full of people. What about this year 2020, that is unique just because it is a pandemic year. Some information on Greece coronavirus. In Athens, Greece, this week brought more people on the streets after the complete lockdown became lighter. On Saturday 9th May, […]

coronavirus holiday destination, summer holiday 2020

Greece is among the safest Coronavirus holiday destinations

Greece as one of the leaders in summer holiday destinations and the fact that tourism still is one of the main source of income for recovering Greek economy, make certain steps to insure that summer season 2020 in Greece will start, although will be postponed, for July the minimum.

greece restaurant protest

Greece news. Cafe and Restaurants are due to reopen on 1st June.

Greece is a motherland of democracy. That is said, it is not surprising that Greece is a country where people love to express their opinion. Even if their opinion doesn’t align with the governments opinion. On 4th of May Greece started to lift up some the restrictions and measures, connected to the Covid-19 Pandemy. Thus, […]

health protocols travel greece 2020

Health Protocols for Tourism in Greece in 2020

As Greek Prime Minister says, travel industry in its best-case scenario will restart in July 2020. It can happen only with some extraordinary measures to take place. One of this measures can be testing people for coronavirus prior their flight. In Greece about 18 per cent of its GDP was originated from tourism, according to English version of portal

public transport virus restrictions athens

Public Transport Corona Virus Restrictions in Athens, Greece

On 4th of May 2020 Greece started to lift up some corona virus restrictions in Athens, Greece. In the second phase of the plan to lift the implemented n 23rd of March 2020 corona virus restrictions in Athens Greece, the small shops, beauty salons and hairdresser salons are allowed to open again. The fact that […]

Other things to do in Greek Islands

There are even more things to do in Greece, at these amazing Greek Islands

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