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public transport athens

5 Tips on How to Use Public Transport Athens Greece

Public Transport Athens -the information on Using the Public Transport in Athens, Greece I have for now. Of course I can not say that this information is 100% accurate. Nonetheless I used some official (Greek, thus local sources) to structure the information I have on public transport in Athens. As the time pass by I would like to keep this information up-to-dated for my site

9 Must Have Greek Travel Apps for Planning a Trip to Greece

Have you ever tried to count, how many greek travel apps out there, including the apps that can help to pan the trip to Greece nowadays. Me neither! I just know there are plenty of them. Thousands probably. But I aim to name only those which I really use practically before coming to Greece. You have any ideas? You are welcome to submit your own listings and reviews.


Coronavirus Quarantine Times. Tip 1. What To Do in Athens Today

What to do in Athens today? At Spring in Athens it is mostly sunny excluding some windy and rainy days. A day walk just near Athens could give you many positive emotions and recharge with a good energy. Eventually, it will definitely will bring you to a state of appeasement


11 Small Inhabited Greek Islands – Summer Paradise

Summer 2020 Travelling to one of the 10 Small Inhabited Greek Islands can become a trend. A trend to go to a far away located quiet, peaceful place of harmony.


Celebrities in Greece. 7 World Famous Celebrities – Holidaymakers to Greece

There are many world famous celebrities in Greece – making it a very popular travel and holiday destinations. There are just few of them that illustrate the love of the celebrities to Greece and Greek islands

rent a flat in athens

Rent a Flat in Athens – How Did I do It

Rent a flat in Athens is one of the very first things you would need to do if you are moving to this fabulous city fo a long term. At least for a year or two, or even few months. Well I did it several times in my first year in Athens. So I guess I am a kind of experienced. It is good to know in advance how to do it – finding a flat for rent in Athens.

greece winter destinations fast greece dot com

Greece Winter Destinations

Greece Winter Destinations in the country of Sun, Sea and Summer Holidays? What a Nonsense! You might have answered and you will be wrong. Because this amazing country which is in the top ten the Most Beautiful Countries in the world in 2019, according to the analysis of Ranker.Com web resource is also a mountainous country and possess of several winter ski resorts

winter sales athens mall

Winter Sales in the Athens Mall

The beginning of 2020, the month of January is also the beginning of Winter Sales. And the Athens Mall is not an exclusion. The Winter Sales in the Athens Mall just began and having that in ind I decided to go to this shopping center in the Northern suburbs of Athens. Now I am not using car but this Athens Mall is easy accessible by the public transport, including the Green Line.


Happy 2020

This year 2019 that is going to leave us in few hours was the best and the worst year for me.
The worst because of the deep falls.

The best because of highest rises and life-changing decisions.
The best because I met many wonderful people, lived in two countries and visited 6 more.

Greece, of top 5 most beautiful countries in the world, ranked 3rd at Ranker.

Greece called more beautiful than Italy, according to 250K+ votes of Ranker Community and is in Top 5 of the most beautiful countries in the world.
It has absolutely everything to placed on the third place: sunny days most of the year, warm sea, the many different islands. And celebrities visiting!

coffee shop athens

The 7 Best Coffee Shops Names in Athens

Coffee is one of the greatest passion of people in Athens, Greece. It is the first thing people get in the morning. With coffee, hot or cold, Athenians and many tourists visiting the city, start their day. Over a coffee at one of the Best Coffee Shops in Athens, people have business meetings or meeting with friends. They come alone or with group of people


Greek Honey Festival – 11-th Edition

Greek Honey Festival, the 11th edition, happens in Athens.

One of many, this Athens festival wil start today, on 6th December 2019. This cultural events represents producers and other participants in the Greek Bee Industry.

An Easy Way to Discover Athens and Greek Islands as Locals Do

Easy way to discover the best restaurants, coffe-shops, tavernas, souvlaki deliveries, shops, health and beauty centers, cafes and places around the city by categories.

Best Things to Do "as a Local" in Athens Greece

Explore the popular listings around the capital of Greece

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