The beginning of 2020, the month of January is also the beginning of Winter Sales. And the Athens Mall is not an exclusion. The Winter Sales in the Athens Mall just began and having that in ind I decided to go to this shopping center in the Northern suburbs of Athens. Now I am not using car but this Athens Mall is easy accessible by the public transport, including the Green Line (“elektriko”) and buses.

Basically it takes just about 25 minutes of a metro journey from the center of Athens to get there.

Last Saturday, the 5th January, it was crowded. It was VERY crowded like sometimes it can get in Athens periodically. Well, you know, I noticed that Athens is a really a seasonal city. At times, like in August, it is totally empty and now, around the Christmas time, it can be just very full on some days, excluding the some national holidays when the people hypothetically sitting at home with their families. So the Saturday of 5th January in Athens Mall was not an exclusion. It was totally packed.

Having had a brief running around few shops like “Pull and Bear”, “Zara”, “Bershka” – I realized that huhm…. I want some coffee! Downstairs I saw a coffee-shop, Veneti. I went down but, to my great surprise, they DID NOT sell coffee??? Went upstairs, to the “Food Corner” – near the Village Cinemas in Athens Mall and found a “Kayak Ice Cream” in Athens Mall

Well, fortunately, they did sell coffee too!! Wow! But the problem was to find a table just to have a sit… After running around all these stores up and down. I didn’t find any free table but a bar stand with some chairs and just got a small piece of the table space next to the group of Chinese People. Fortunately, they left shortly and I got a chair to sit, to check and charge my phone while drinking coffee.

The small break gave me an opportunity to spend another two hours strolling around the Athens Mall. It is really a place where you can spend minimum a half of the day even if you are on your own, like it was me this time. But You can even spend the whole day, if you will decide to go to the Village Cinema after shopping and having a lunch with friends or family.

Especially now, when it is really a Winter Sales Season in the Athens Mall, it has just began. Look, after hours of trying the things out and leaving them apart, I got something 🙂 Just a pair of pants with the good discounts of 50-75%. Do you like it? Well, do not hesitate, find a time and just go there, it is really easy to get there by the public transport. Cheers and Happy New Year!