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There are plenty news (mostly negative, unfortunately) about Coronavirus in Greece and Athens. So what to do in Athens today? There are plenty of Do’s and Not Do’s in the times that are difficult for everyone. There is only the hope that these times will pass by soon and the life will be turning back into its normal flow. Panic can be more dangerous than infection itself. It is not easy to stay inside in Athens, the city that have many answers to the question of “What to do in Athens Today?”. It might be more stressful to stay inside just browsing internet or TV channels follow negative news, including the news about coronavirus in Athens. Moreover, a day walk just near Athens could give you many positive emotions and recharge with a good energy. Eventually, it will definitely will bring you to a state of appeasement.

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The difficulty of the walk, the pace, the time that you would spend walking – all of that you can decide for yourself based on your wishes and possibilities. In the area of Kaisariani there are plenty of walks around the Vyronas Forest at the footsteps of Hymettus Mountain.

As the days in March – April in Athens are getting warmer and mostly it is sunny excluding some windy and rainy days (about 3-5 a month), it might be the best time for a walk in the close proximity from the centre of Athens. Since it’s not so cold as in December – February, and the routes are quite easy to follow – also for beginners – this activity might suit many of inexperienced hikers and walkers. The routes around Kaisariani Forest at the footsteps of Hymettus Mountain are very simple and do not require much preparation.

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Below there are just few notes for those who’d like to have a Day Walk in Kaisariani Forest that could be helpful if you decide to follow one of the routes around this area.

What to Do in Athens Today – A Day Walk in Kaisariani Forest.
How to Get There?

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a) Bus 224 – to the last stop near the Asteras Football Stadium. The bus rides daily from 05.00 till 23.40 every 25-30 minutes. The full timetable of the Athens Public Transport Bus 224 you can find here. More information: Tips on How to Use Public Transport Athens Greece following this link.

b) Rent a Car is another good option in the case if you asking the question “What to do in Athens Today?” not only today, but every day for at least 2-3 days. Rent a car might be a very good way to combine “A Day Walk Athens” with other activities in Athens or around.


What to Do in Athens Today – A Day Walk in Kaisariani Forest.
How much does it cost?

If to go to a day walk in Kaisariani Forest by public transport – one-way ticket is 1.40 for 90 minutes (for metro and/or bus). Rental prices for a car in Athens start fro 11 euros/day.

What to Do in Athens Today – A Day Walk in Kaisariani Forest.
What I can see there?


Walking in Kaisariani forest in the beginning of spring will give you a chance to see the awakening of the mother nature in its all beauty. Also you might not meet many other people routing around, this place is still quite popular for the local people of Athens for a walking and hiking in the hills around Hymettus Mountain. There are several panoramic terraces available around. The views are wonderful in any season, but especially in the spring time when the air is crystal clear. You could see all Athens laying down. Pureaus and the coastal line of the Southern Athens. There are also some “Botanical walking paths” over there. When walking you might see the ruins of a very old Christian Basilica and might be lucky to see the blooming flowers and trees along all the way you walk. You might also expect to meet some animals.


What to Do in Athens Today – A Day Walk in Kaisariani Forest.
What to take with me?


Although the walks around the Kaisariani forest are quite easy, it would be nice to have waterproof hiking shoes. If you plan to stay outside at least two hours (that is the minimum duration of walk just to feel the beauty of nature around) take some cold water to drink. One litre of water would be necessary. You also can take some snacks.

The entrance to all the walks is free of charge. There are some posters in the beginning of the pathways. Please take care about the nature and do not throw rubbish. Just enjoy your time!


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