The 7 Best Coffee Shops Names in Athens
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Coffee is one of the greatest passion of people in Athens, Greece. It is the first thing people get in the morning. With coffee, hot or cold, Athenians and many tourists visiting the city, start their day. Over a coffee at one of the Best Coffee Shops in Athens, people have business meetings or meeting with friends. They come alone or with group of people. Since recently, after the new government was elected in Greece in the summer 2019, coffee shops in Athens make their non-smoking policy more strict. And the taste of Coffee early morning at one of these Coffee Shops is absolutely great and exactly something what one needs to make his day shining from the very start.

In this article unlike many other posts on this subject I collected the best (and biggest) Coffee Shops Networks Names in Athens – these coffee shops belonging to a network of similar coffee shops with the same design, price-list and selection of coffees.

The number 1 Coffee Shops Name in Athens is Everest.

Everest Coffee Shops in Athens are absolutely everywhere. Named behind the tallest mountain in the world, this coffee shops network in Athens stand out as the most of its location are open 24/7. It has wifi, sometimes has covered (against rain, sun and wind) veranda’s and a great selection of coffee, tea, snacks, warm and hot sandwiches and pies. There is a delivery service at this coffee shop also to order online from this excellent number one coffee shop name in Athens in my list. Both cold (Freddo Coffee) and hot coffee’s are of a really good quality and they have a selection of Arabica and Brasilian blends.

The number 2 Coffee Shops Name in Athens is Gregorys.

If I was a poet, I would proclaim something like “Where is Everest Coffee Shop in Athens, there is a “Gregorys” opposite. Which makes me thinking that this was previously a one company with two bosses and then they had a disagreement and decided to go different ways:) If “Everest” is everything about red color in its design, the “Gregorys” – about green. The choice of coffee, tea and soft drinks are about the same as in “Everest”. Some locations are more popular than others but in general in the center of Athens all the coffee shops are crowded on weekends and working days during the lunch hours. The delivery service of Gregorys is also online

The number 3 Coffee Shop Name in Athens is Coffee Lab.

In my list of the 6 Best Coffee Shop Names in Athens I put Coffee Lab. Coffee Lab is a newer coffee shops networks in Athens. It features a stylish design with intense deep blue and brown colours, where the blue colour reflects the colour of Aegean Sea and is also in the flag of Greece (and my favourite color by the way:) The brown colour is of cours the colour of carefully selected coffee beans. Founded by Stelios Roumeliotis, a top barista and connoisseur, this franchise now possesses over hundred coffee shops in Athens, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt with great plans onto extension and developing of the network of Coffee Lab coffee shops further abroad.

The number 4 Coffee Shop Name in Athens is Coffee Island

As you can see, there are plenty of Coffee Shops Names and Coffee Shops networks in Athens. On the 4th position of my list of Coffee Shops in Athens I put Coffee Island. Its not difficult to recognise Coffee Island on the streets of Athens by its featuring brown and yellow colours. This network of coffee shops in Athens has an interesting blog and sometimes organising different competitions. One of those from the past summer was to come to a coffee shop of Coffee Island in a best swimwear and post a selfi with a hashtag trying to get the tickets to a weekend on one of the Greek Islands.

The number 5 Coffee Shop Name in Athens is Mikel.

This coffee shop network is one of my most favourites because of their unique Freddo Capuccino Sweet (Cold Cappucino with some sweetened condensed milk). It cost 2 euro and being served with a cookie. Mikel coffee shops are widely distributed in Athens, they do have WiFi (as all of the coffee shops by the way), often a sitting area with comfortable chair and very good spot for having a lunch coffee break during the work or for meeting with friends.

The number 6 Coffee Shop Name in Athens is Veneti

The Veneti Coffee Shop in Athens located on the number 6 of my list of the best coffee shops in Athens. It stands out because it positioning itself as a Coffee Shop and Bakery which is true. And there are always not only warm and hot sandwiches to buy, but also delicious Greek sweets. The coffee shop has rich brown color in its interior with some addition of green in the design. Many coffee shop located in Athens have a sitting area under veranda, except the one at Monastiraki which, unfortunately, misses this feature. So if you are looking for a coffee shop in this area for a small break, a place, where you could have a sit, you could walk along Ermou street towards Syntagma and find plenty of them, including Everest and Gregorys.

The number 7 Coffee Shop Name in Athens is Coffee Berry

The Coffee Berry Coffee shop I put on the last place on my list because it is the least discovered by me the Coffee Shops Networks in Athens. It has probably less locations in Athens than the rest of the five above. The website of Coffee Berry is made on a WordPress Platform and as I just have discovered, it is not very well organised. But it absolutely doesn’t diminish the taste of the coffee @ Coffee Berry Coffee Shop in Athens. As absolutely truth, the coffee tastes good everywhere in Athens and Greece.

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Here you can do it freely by signing with your Facebook account at and sharing your own experience of all the the 7 Best Coffee Shop Names in Athens, Greece. Athens is very big and I might miss some of the names in my list. Want to publish your own? You can do it here too!

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