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In this article I collected information about using public transport in Athens. The information is based solely on my own experience living in Athens for 2+ years and enriched with the information and tips from the local people living currently in Athens and expats who came from different countries and living in Athens.

In the years that I live in Athens (yes, it is more than two years now) I many times caught myself realising that Google is not always helpful tool while you are in Greece. There are places on Google maps, for example, that show you a place in Athens and in reality the place might be closed or not exist at all.

But in this article I will tell only about the public transport system in Athens. Using Google might be helpful only to get some directions and general advices about the bus and metro routes. Don’t rely at the schedules provided by Google (there is many times a note that Google doesn’t have an updated schedule for the transport links). In I might say 90 percent or even 99 percent the information about the times is not accurate.

Also, Greece and Athens is a place where people love strikes. Public transport strikes occur very often. the most updated information about the strikes can be found at the website of http://apergia.gr/ Or if you are looking for information in English, this website has (in my experience) quite accurate information about the public transport strikes in Athens – https://www.livinlovin.gr/strikes-work-stoppages-in-greece-updated/

1. Public transport in Athens Greece: buses

public transport athens buses
Public Transport Athens Greece: a bus at Leoforos Alexandras avenue

Buses in Athens have an extended network of routes and it does have some classification in spite of seeming traffic chaos that might experience a non-advanced to-Greece-traveller at the first sight, especially if this traveller coming from Western Europe or North America. The buses do have own schedule and in most cases they follow their own schedule (unless it is a strike, read above). The Google maps app on your telephone might provide you only with quite accurate general information about the bus routes in Athens, directions and the buses numbers, but in most cases in my experience it doesn’t provide the correct information about the departure and arrival buses times. So if I was an unexperienced into-Greece-first-time traveller, I would m ost probably not rely on it.

There is own web-site (and app) in Greece for those who want to plan the use of buses in Athens in advance. It is OASA: http://oasa.gr At this website though it is not a responsive and mobile-friendly website, you can find quite proper and accurate information for planning traveling by buses in Athens. If you are a happy owner of a smartphone, it is better to use the apps which can be found at Google Play Store and App Store – OASA Telematics.

1.1. Bus Numbers in Athens have some classification. Athens airport buses numbers beginning with

1.2. Other express Buses in Athens Greece:

  • from E – expresses E14, E15 and E90 – school lines operating few times a day, connecting schools and Ministry of education with the center and Peireas port: http://www.oasa.gr/content.php?id=xpress

1.3. Other Bus numbers in Athens Greece:

  • Athens Bus Numbers 1- 25 – trolleybuses, operating across Athens Center, Athens Northern and Southern Suburbs
  • Athens Bus Numbers 0 – 099 – buses operating in the Athens center
  • Athens Bus Numbers 101 – 164 – buses operating in the Athens Southern Suburbs: Elliniko, Glyfada, Nea Smirni, Neos Kosmos, Ag. Dimitrios, Saronida, N.Faliro, Vouliagmeni, Kalamaki, Alimos, Pal. Faliro
  • Athens Bus Numbers 201-250 – buses operating in the Athens Western Suburbs and Athens Southern Suburbs: Pireas, Nikaia, Ag. Marina, Glyfada, Metamorfosi, Kallithea, Kaisariani, Ilisia
  • Athens Bus Numbers 300 – 330 – buses operating in the Athens Eastern Suburbs: Koropi, St. Douk. Plakentias, Nomismatokopeio, Artemida (Rafina)
  • Athens Bus Numbers 402 – 461 – buses operating in the Athens Northern Suburbs: Maroussi, Eirini, Chalandri, Melissia, Douk. Plakentias, Vrilissia
  • Athens Bus Numbers 500 – 560 – hese are mostly the bus lines crossing the city from the North to South – Kifissia – Pireas, and buses operating in the Athens Northern Suburbs: Kifissia, Neraziotissa, N. Penteli
  • Athens Bus Numbers 602 – 653 – buses operating in the Athens center and Athens Northern Suburbs: Panormou, Akadimia, Galatsi, Psychiko, N. Ionia
  • Athens Bus Numbers 700 – 790 – buses operating in the Athens center and Athens Western Suburbs: Acharnes, Peristeri, Ag. Antonios, Petroupoli
  • Athens Bus Numbers 700 – 790 – buses operating in the Athens center and Athens Western Suburbs: Acharnes, Peristeri, Ag. Antonios, Petroupoli
  • Athens Bus Numbers 800 – 892 – buses operating in the Athens Western Suburbs: Korydallos, Pireas, Nikaia, tavros, Perama
  • Athens Bus Numbers 904 – 915 – buses operating in the Athens center and Athens Suburbs: Omonoia, Pireas, St. Larissis.
  • Athens Bus Numbers A, B, Г – buses routes crossing city in all directions and mostly these are lines connecting suburbs like Voula, Glyfada, Pireas etc with the city central squares: Omonoia, Syntagma, Akadimia

1.4. The most updated information in English on schedules and timetables for the public transport bus routes in Athens:


2. Public transport in Athens Greece. Trolleybuses

In Athens there is an extensive network of trolleybuses – the buses which are being moved by electricity. Though they do have some diesel motor as well, in most cases they are solely being moved on electrical power which fortunately make them environmental friendly means of transport.

2.1. Trolleybus Numbers in Athens have some classification.

Athens Bus Numbers 1- 25 – trolleybuses, operating across Athens Center, Athens Northern and Southern Suburbs

  • Athens Buses Numbers 1- 24 – trolleybuses, operating across Athens Center, Athens Northern and Southern Suburbs
  • Athens Trolleybus # 1 Pl. Attikis – Tzitzifies – Moschato
  • Athens Trolleybus # 2 Ano Kipseli – Pangrati – Kaisariani
  • Athens Trolleybus # 3 N. Filadelfia – Ano Patisia – Neo Psychiko
  • Athens Trolleybus # 4 Ano Kipseli – Ag. Artemios – Ag. Ioannis
  • Athens Trolleybus # 5 Lamprini – Syntagma – Tzitzifies
  • Athens Trolleybus # 6 Ippokratous – Kosmas Aitolos – N. Filadelfia
  • Athens Trolleybus # 10 Tzitzifies – Chalandri
  • Athens Trolleybus #11 Ano Patisia – Neo Pangrati – Nea Elvetia
  • Athens Trolleybus # 12 Zappeio – Peristeri
  • Athens Trolleybus # 14 Lamprini – Leoforos Alexandras – Girokomeio
  • Athens Trolleybus # 15 Petralona – Dikastiria – El. Venizelou
  • Athens Trolleybus # 16 Ag. Ioannis – Pireas
  • Athens Trolleybus # 17 Ag. Georgios – Pireas
  • Athens Trolleybus # 18 Mouseio – Chalandri (via Ethn. Anistaseos)
  • Athens Trolleybus # 19 Mouseio – st. Chalandri (Sidera)
  • Athens Trolleybus # 19B Mouseio – Chalandri (Sidera)
  • Athens Trolleybus # 20 Neo Faliro – Kastella – Drapetsona
  • Athens Trolleybus # 21 Nikaia – P. Ralli – Omonoia
  • Athens Trolleybus # 24 Petroupoli – Ilion – st. Ag. Antonios
  • Athens Trolleybus # 25 st. Ag. Antonios – Ilion – Kamatero

2.2. Trolley route in Athens #11

  • The trollebus # 11 Ano Patisia – Neo Pangrati – Nea Elvetia has a 24/7 operational scheme so it is very convenient for those who are staying in AirBnBs in Pangrati, Kipseli or Patissia and would like to go out at night times. With the trolleybus # 11 in Athens with its 24/7 service you won’t get any problems traveling around without necessity to get a taxi.

2.3. The most updated information in English on schedules and timetables for the public transport trolley routes in Athens:


3. Public transport in Athens Greece. Metro and Suburban Railway

public transport athens greece metro
Ampelokipi metro station in Athens Greece

Till the year of 2000 the traffic situation in the Big Athens was tremendous. As a consequence of this situation, the city was always covered by a thick layer of permanent smog. In the city with not very strong road networks, lack of highways and the population about 4 million people there was just one metro line (“Green”). It is also called “electriko” in Greek and most of this line going above the ground. Partially this line was using the railroad line of the first railway track build in Greece from Pireaus to Thissio, opened on 27th January 1869.

3.1. Public transport in Athens: Metro

Joining Greece to European Union in 1983 (yes, it looks like it had been for such a long time ago now!), after the dictatorship times finished, opened Greece to European markets and also European funds. That helped to improve the infrastructure in Athens dramatically, including the public transport network in Athens.

In 2000, January, two new lines of metro were inaugurated – the Red and the Blue lines. Since then the situation with public transportation in Athens has improved significantly.

Red and Blue line are an architectural wonder. They were built in the areas full of ancient treasures and during the works many of them were excavated and exposed in museums and the metro stations themselves.

In the last carriage of the metro trains you can take your bicycles. It is free of charge.

3.2. Public transport in Athens: Suburban Railway (“Proastiakos”)

The Suburban Railway is a mean of public transport in Athens. The network of the suburban railway in Athens connects Airport with the Northern, Western and Eastern Suburbs as well as to the port of Pireaus and the main railroad station of Athens – “Larissis Station”. The extensions of the suburban railways also connect the nearby cities in Greece – Kiato and Chalkida. normally it operates 7 days a week, from 4.45 AM to 11.45PM

4. Public transport in Athens Greece. Tram

Athens Tram had an old tram network in Athens which was operating in 1908 – 1960 and was later replaced by buses and trolleybuses. The new network of the modern tram in Athens launched its commercial service in 2004, just before the opening of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004.

In my experience, Google doesn’t provide at the moment of writing this article the correct information about the service of Tram network in Athens. From November 2019 the tram stop of Syntagma and others towards Kasomouli are closed till the new information will arrive. There is no precise information whether the Kasomouli – Syntagma part of tram network will be re-opened and when.

Nevertheless the tram is working daily from 05.00am till 01.30am and in the summer time it is one of the means of the public transport in Athens that easily will bring you to the beaches located at South of Athens on the “Athens Riviera”.

The Map of the Athens Tram from OASA

5. Public transport in Athens Greece. Taxi

public transport athens greece taxi
Athens Taxi in the center of Athens

In spite of that I heard many times that Uber is not more working in Athens, I was many times using Uber app on my telephone in last two years.

Athens taxi’s are everywhere. There are thousands of them on the streets – you will see them right away once you are landed in the city – painted in their traditional yellow colours. So they remind the famous New York city yellow cabs. Taxi’s in Athens unless there are heavy traffic jams in the center that can happen quite often during the peak hours, are very comfortable, inexpensive way of moving from point A to point B around the city.

The funny thing about Taxi Drivers in Athens that they don’t seem to be using GPS on 80% cases of my trips by taxi in Athens. They think they know the city very well:) If I would be a taxi driver I’d probably still would like to use help of GPS navigation more often. Well, though, in Athens, GPS also not giving the correct information about current situation. It is not sometimes synchronised with the strikes, work closures etc. On other side, did you know that Athens is an agglomeration of Athens municipality itself in the center and the rest are other municipalities. So if there is Kolokotroni street in Athens, there are probably 10 more Kolokotroni streets around Athens, and you might need to know, in which municipality (suburb) exactly are you going. Welcome to Athens:)

5.1. Public transport in Athens Greece. Uber Taxi Athens

As it was said above, I heard many times that Uber was forbidden in Greece for 2 years now. And I don’t have any idea, where are those gossips coming from. Nevertheless I used the app of Uber Taxi in Athens many times quite regularly. One of the reasons why I was using it that in most taxi’s they don’t accept card payments and I don’t like to have cash with me. So Uber was a very nice alternative since the payments for my trips were done through the PayPal account. The trips by Uber taxi are about the same price as by ‘normal’ taxi. It can slightly varies depending on the demand – probably in the night, when the demand for taxi’s in Athens is lower, the prices are little lower.

5.2. Public transport in Athens Greece. Beat Taxi Athens

Beat Taxi – is the most popular Taxi App in Athens. It has about the same principles of work as the Uber Taxi and the taxi’s working for Beat has also a logo of Beat Taxi App on their cars.

Here I have to say that I never tried the Beat Taxi App in Athens as I was satisfied with Uber App in Athens and I was not looking for any alternative. Just once I downloaded it, was waiting for a taxi coming. The taxi didn’t come as there were no available taxi’s of Beat around and I switched back to Uber.

This is what kind of information on Using the Public Transport in Athens, Greece I have for now. Of course I can not say that this information is 100% accurate. Nonetheless I used some official (Greek, thus local sources) to structure the information I have on public transport in Athens. As the time pass by I would like to keep this information up-to-dated for my site https://fastgreece.com to keep it a ‘fast’ way to get info on Greece. Including the Public Transport in Athens.