9 Must Have Greek Travel Apps for Planning a Trip to Greece

Have you ever tried to count, how many apps out there, including the apps that can help to plan the trip to Greece nowadays. Me neither! I just know there are plenty of them. Thousands probably. But I aim to name only those which I really use practically before coming to Greece. You have any own ideas? You are welcome to submit your own listings and reviews of the apps for traveling to Greece.

Number 1. Skyscanner. A number one Greek Travel App

Traveling to Greece is made easy from almost any place on the earth thanks to many of Greek Travel Apps. I collected in this post. Having extra hundred (two hundred) euros, feeling bored and unsatisfied, with no clue where to go? Are you ready for travel to Greece? Just open one of those travel apps like Skyscanner, and you are all set for the Greece trip planning. Put the search filter to “Everywhere” and time onto “the cheapest month”. Here you go, there you will get hundreds of options of cheap plane tickets, including the tickets to Athens and many of the hot-spot Greek islands. Needless to say but Skyscanner made planning the trip to Greece really easy.

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When I think its time to have a getaway, I open the Skyscanner and check the trend on the prices to and from Athens, Greece

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Number 2. Omio

Omio is another of a Greek Travel App. This app will make the Hopping the Greek Islands easy. It is a search engine for finding some cool deals on plane, train and bus tickets. It includes the tickets to and from Athens, Greece, or many of those incredible Greek islands as Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, Crete. Just check the dates for your Greece travel and look up the prices on many transport means. Besides the plane tickets, the search engine does some work on Ferry, bus and train tickets in Greece and beyond.

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Number 3. Kayak

Kayak.com is another travel search engine. Unlike the previous two above, Kayak features the whole travel packages – not only transportation to Greece and other popular tourist destination, but also offers searching among the best travel deals, including cruises packages, rental car deals and exceptional discount tours. At Kayak is only your fantasy is the limit and anyone can find something extremely suitable for his own budget. Definitely whilst planning trip to Athens or any Greek island, checking Kayak before would be beneficial.

Number 4. AirBnb Experiences

The whole travel industry is undergoing through extreme changes thanks to the AirBnB platform. There is hardly anyone who is travelling frequently, who had never heard of AirBnB. But the american startup, which has become a very well-know brand in Travel Industry, went further when couple of years ago it has started offering the tours and excursions from “Locals”, and “Discover as a Local” had become their new motto. The offer is enormous on tour and excursions and those experiences you will never get at traditional travel agencies. Want to discover Athens, during your trip to Greece, as Locals see it? This is what you definitely need to try.

Number 5. Getyourguide.com

The app and the website with the same name is another alternative to the traditional hardcore travel products – official travel agencies and highly-certified tours, excursions in the large groups, travel packages. It seems these are nowadays squeezing a little bit because the new and non-traditional apps like AirBnB and Getyourquide are growing in popularity. Getyourguide is a German company founded in 2008 and operating worldwide at online marketplace. Greece is one of the top 10 countries to travel in 2019, therefore you will find hundreds of excursions on this app and your trip to Greece will become even more unforgettable.

Number 6. Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a very popular app among Greek people, Athenians and the people from Greek islands. Almost any taverna, coffee – or pastry – shop has own page on Tripadvisor and that makes the reviews from Tripadvasor being trustful and useful. Moreover, many of travel agencies, food places and individual travelers and locals sharing their experiences and giving tips on traveling to and inside magical Greece.

Number 7. Foursquare

Foursquare is a platform featuring tips for travellers and locals. It is a local search-and-discovery mobile app and it has some level popularity in Greece though not so much as Tripadvisor which, in absence of Yelp, can become a number one. But it is always better to have some comparison, thats why Foursquare can become a very handy app for traveling to Greece on this point.

Number 8. Google Maps

There are so many Greek islands out there. According to Google Search, there are 6000 Greek islands. And Athens with all its suburbs is quite a big megapolis. To make one’s job on planning traveling to Greece easier, you should definitely check the geographical location of the islands which you are about to visit, or check the map of Athens. Google maps is the best app for that purpose.

Number 9. FastGreece

While you are already in Greece and have some spare time, there is no better way to discover Athens as a local with its taverna’s, museums, beaches, clubs, shopping malls. In the next post you will find more information on apps and web-sites which are extremely helpful once you are already landed at Athens airport or any airport on the Islands.

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