11th Edition of the Greek Honey Festival

Greek Honey Festival, the 11th edition, happens in Athens.

One of many, this Athens festival wil start today, on 6th December 2019. This cultural events represents producers and other participants in the Greek Bee Industry.

Why Greek Honey is one of the best

With no surprise Greek honey is considered one of the best in the world. Cultivating honey in Greece has a long history. The quantity of beehives per acre, according to some data, is bigger than in any other European country. The quality of Greek honey is excellent because of the sunlight – and sun is a very frequent visitor in Greece. Thus, there are more than 300 sunny days a year in any Greece region.

Greek Honeys has also are more dense because they contain less humidity. This delicious Bee Product contains more aromatic substances. And it is explained by rich variety of Greek Flora. Also, the taste of Greek Honey is slightly different in different regions.

This all made Greek Honey a truly Greek treasure. And many tourists visiting from abroad having Greek Honey in their luggage on the way back. It is not a secret that Greek Honey is one of the main ingredients of many of the Greek Sweets: Baklava, Pastila.

Buy tickets and Visit the Greek Honey Festival 11th Edition

If you are in Athens these days, the Greek Honey Festival is a unique opportunity to try, taste, discover the different sorts of Greek Honey: Thyme Honey, Blossom Honey, Pine Honey, Chestnut Honey. The tickets to the 11th Edition of the Greek Honey Festival cost from 1 euro and are available at the doors or through the ticket-website Viva.gr