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Greece Winter Destinations in the country of Sun, Sea and Summer Holidays? What a Nonsense! You might have answered and you will be wrong. Because this amazing country which is in the top ten the Most Beautiful Countries in the world in 2019, according to the analysis of Ranker.Com web resource is also a mountainous country and possess of several winter ski resorts which are getting extremely popular destinations.

These Winter Ski Resorts are an amazing choice for the local people from Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek towns, but also among increasing number of expatriates, foreign citizens, “digital nomads” settling down in this beautiful country thanks to it mild climate, rich culture and amazing landscapes.

N. 1 Greece Winter Destination – Mount Parnassus Ski Resort

Mount Parnassus Ski Resort is a Greek Center for skiing and snowboarding and this Ski Resort is located about 200 kilometers North-West from Athens. It is accessible by car in about three hours and there is also a shuttle bus which get you there.

Information on the shuttle bus is to be found here

N. 2 Greece Winter Destination – Kalavrita Ski Resort

Kalavrita Ski Resort Bus Day Trip is a public transport which can get you daily to the Ski Resort in Greece. Kalavrita is a Ski `Winter Resort in Western Greece, in the mountains of Peloponnesos. It has several ski routes and easily reached from Athens by Car – about 150 km and 3 hours of drive. For those who do not have cars, there are several organised bus day trips to Kalavrita Ski Center.

Reservations on Whatsapp +30 693 6645853 / +30 698 9642562(What’s up) (Hours reservation 10: 00-23: 00 everyday)

The information provided is from the official website of Kalavrita Ski

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