greece restaurant protest
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Greece is a motherland of democracy. That is said, it is not surprising that Greece is a country where people love to express their opinion. Even if their opinion doesn’t align with the governments opinion.

On 4th of May Greece started to lift up some the restrictions and measures, connected to the Covid-19 Pandemy. Thus, people are now free to move inside their region without having a special permission as it was before.

There is more traffic and more people on the streets in Athens. Some additional restrictions were implemented in the public transport. Moreover, all people using the metro and the city buses, are obligated to wear face masks. Restaurants and cafes in Greece are due to reopen on 1st of June 2020.

Today at Syntagma square the protest of the restaurant owners took place. According to, it was rather an unusual protest. Hundreds of empty chairs were placed in the front of the fountain . According to the business owners, 1st June is too late, and the demand to cease the capacity is dangerous to their businesses. Moreover, they supposes that many businesses will not survive.


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