Greece is among the safest Coronavirus holiday destinations
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As the time is passing by and the restrictions in several European countries are starting to lifted up, many people are asking: ‘Can we go on summer holidays this year?’. Greece is one of those European countries that is a traditional place for Summer holidays. Yet, it is among the countries that fortunately suffered very little from the coronavirus pandemy, especially to its summer holiday destinations as Spain and Italy. And the main question is:

Will the coronavirus holiday carry over?

It is not surprising that in the summer 2020 Greece is currently looking for ways to restart the ‘Greece Summer 2020’ season. In the country that just started to recover from one of the deepest economical crisis of the past decade, tourism had brought up to 18 per cent of the country’s GDP.

Europeans are afraid that their summer holiday destinations will be not reachable this year. Many planned far in advance Summer holiday trips in 2020 was made impossible by the Covid-19 pandemy. Even more holidaymakers had to follow the procedures of coronavirus holiday cancellations. Not only tourists, but nowadays many air companies started to lay off their staff as demand for the air travel plunged. In this situation is not easy to imagine whether the so called “coronavirus holiday carry over”.

Is Greece ready to become a “coronavirus holiday destination”?

Greece as one of the leaders in summer holiday destinations and the fact that tourism still is one of the main source of income for recovering Greek economy, make certain steps to insure that summer season 2020 in Greece will start, although will be postponed, for July the minimum.

Government issues some extra measures to ensure the safety of the tourists coming for Greece summer 2020 and avoid further coronavirus holiday cancellations and broken plans. In consultation with health specialists and scientists government supposes to introduce a ‘health passport’ with necessary testing for Covid-19 prior travel.

According to other sources in Germany, Greece is called “one of eight countries”, along with Austria and Switzerland that is “safe to visit” as a Summer Holiday destination 2020.

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