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Where to go in Athens? No doubts, to The Mall Athens!

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If you have some free time while your stay in Athens and asking yourself, where to go in Athens, It is one of the biggest shops in Athens and has three floors. On the top floor of the Mall Athens there is area with cafe's, restaurants and the Village Cinema.

The Mall Athens is a shopping mall right at the metro station of Neratziotissa in the Northern Suburbs of Athens. Therefore it is very easy to get to this shopping Mall both by public transport and by car. The shopping Mall features many different shops, the food court on the top floor doubled with the Village Cinema. It is an excellent place to spend a day shopping and having some breaks for group of friends and family. Most of the shops are open between 10.00-21.00 some other places have slightly different opening times. Where to go in Athens if you have half a day or the whole day of free time? To the Mall Athens - for shopping and more!


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    Andrea Papandreou 35, Marousi, Greece
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