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What to do in Athens. Athens Board Games place – Playhouse Athens

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If you are landed in Athens, have seen all attractions and still asking yourself "what to do in Athens", then you might try this place. It is a nice combination of a coffee-shop and place for board games in Athens

There are few board game cafes in Athens. One of the Athens Board Games place is Playhouse Athens. One of those located right in the center of Athens, near Monastiraki. Playhouse Athens is a nice Athens Board Games place and it features low prices for drinks (softdrinks, coffee, tea, alcohol) and for the board game sessions - 0,50 euro per person per hour. Has a very big collection of board games and "Board Games Masters" who can explain and advise on the rules of the games from their collection. Once you have discovered this place, the question of "What to do in Athens" will be answered - play board games!:)


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    Skouze 3, Athens, Greece
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