athens airport in coronavirus times
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Although the coronavirus crisis in Greece is not as bad as in many other European countries, there is still lockdown. The situation came into action on 23rd March 2020 when all the unnecessary movements of citizens were banned.

The lockdown took a place in Greece also for the Easter holidays that happened around 19th of April 2020. The restrictions were tightened at that period of time. It happened at the same time when many European countries that already started to easy the quarantine restrictions, has begun to ease them.

According to some news at the Ekathemirini.Gr website, on Monday 20 April, the duscussions began in the Greek Parliament about gradually lifting up the restrictions, but no any precious timeline was given.

According to some other articles at the same website, the travel industry, the one that drove the Greek economy in the last years and the one that suffered the most, will start taking steps to return to “normality” in July. Earlier restrictions on all foreign flights into Greece were already banned till 14th May 2020 the minimum.


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