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In anticipation of the news that came from Athens recently, its interesting to have a look at Athens two months ago and one of the central places in Athens – Monastiraki Square and how it looked just on the last weekend.

Two months ago, on 23rd March, Greece imposed the quarantine ban on all movements that were not urgent. Only going for a doctor, visit, to the supermarket that is the closest to the city, to a pharmacy were allowed. Also people were free to do exercises near their houses and walking with pets. Few days before the restriction were imposed, there were already very few people in the city.

At this video filmed in the beginning of March one can see an absolutely empty beach at Alimos. It looked really abandoned.

In the past two months the situation with the quarantine restrictions was changing practically every day. The quarantine restrictions came into place first till 7th of April. The period of self-isolation then was extended to 27th April and eventually till the 4th May 2020. On 4th May 2020 people of Athens received their freedom of movement back. But in the Public Transport in Athens wearing the face mask became obligatory. The shops opened. From 18th of May shopping malls were opened again and last Saturday the beaches were reopened.

Currently its already known that the tourists will start coming back gradually.

This is how looked Monastiraki Square last weekend.


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