70 Countries who’s citizens Will Be Able to Visit Greece in Summer 2020

70 Countries who’s citizens Will Be Able to Visit Greece in Summer 2020

This is the current up-to-dated information on citizens of which countries and when will be enter Greece in Summer 2020. The dates are dif

coronavirus holiday destination, summer holiday 2020

4 Tips on How to Enter Greece after Quarantine

Greece gradually started to open the tourist season. There are now some restriction on how to enter Greece. These restrictions vary from c

top touristic attractions athens monastiraki square

4 Stunning Squares and 3 Beautiful and Gorgeous Fontains to See in the Central Athens in post-coronavirus era of 2020

At the times of after-coronavirus pandemic situation the traveling, just like any other global branch of economy, is suffering from the mo

lufthansa restarted flights to greece

Summer 2020 After Coronavirus. Lufthansa restarted flights to Greece from 18th May 2020

The largest German airline Lufthansa restarted flights to Athens and other tourist destinations in Greece on 18th of May. The plane that arrived to Athens airport was full of passengers, and all of them were wearing masks. These measures confirms the measurements that Greek government issued in preparation of easing lockdown due to current pandemic situation.

coronavirus holiday destination, summer holiday 2020

Greece is among the safest Coronavirus holiday destinations

Greece as one of the leaders in summer holiday destinations and the fact that tourism still is one of the main source of income for recovering Greek economy, make certain steps to insure that summer season 2020 in Greece will start, although will be postponed, for July the minimum.


Celebrities in Greece. 7 World Famous Celebrities – Holidaymakers to Greece

There are many world famous celebrities in Greece – making it a very popular travel and holiday destinations. There are just few of them that illustrate the love of the celebrities to Greece and Greek islands

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The 7 Best Coffee Shops Names in Athens

Coffee is one of the greatest passion of people in Athens, Greece. It is the first thing people get in the morning. With coffee, hot or cold, Athenians and many tourists visiting the city, start their day. Over a coffee at one of the Best Coffee Shops in Athens, people have business meetings or meeting with friends. They come alone or with group of people