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While more people were floating at the Top Touristic Attractions in Athens last Friday, there is no doubt that many of them escaped to the 500 best beaches in Greece on Saturday, when all these adorable best beaches in Greece were again open for public. Hurray! Surely all of the top beaches in Greece – in Athens suburbs and amazing Greek islands now open for public with all the necessary social distancing measures. According to website, all beaches in Greece have prepared for opening for the season 2020 in light of current pandemic situation: sun umbrellas are standing apart from each other for at least 4 meters, and the sun-beds are at least 1,5 meters.

The beginning is promising. Also the weather conditions last weekend forced many people to escape the overheated center of the city as temperatures risen for up to +40 degrees in central Attica district. As it was hard to overcome the strongest heatwave in May in the last 50 years, the same factor played a good role for the best Greek Beaches. Opening in such an unusual situation succeed!

Here is a list of some best amazing beaches in Greece that would be waiting for you since middle of June, when the passenger planes will start flying regularly again across Europe.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #1 Louros Beach


Louros is in some sources called a biggest (longest) beach in Greece. Indeed with the length of 17 kilometres is by no doubt the longest beach in Greece and that is why it is on top of the list of the Best Beaches in Greece. It features the light yellow sand beaches with immense blue and greenish colours of water. All this beauty is under all-the-year-around shining Greek sun. This Greek beach is number one in the current list of Top 10 Greek Islands and definitely waiting for you, once the corona outbreak is over.

More information on top 10 Greek beaches. #1 Louros.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #2 Navagio Beach


Navagio Beach is the number 2 in the current list of Top 10 Greek Beaches. This unique beach is an exposed cove on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Sometimes this amazing natural beach is also called a Shipwreck Beach. This is because of the story of a freight liner that in 1980 during storm was left by its crew. Some rumours explain that the ship was full of contraband and that was a reason why it was left. This number 2 on the list of the Best Beaches in Greece is inviting you!

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #3 Myrthos Beach


It seems that many Greek beaches are also called by its nicknames. Number 3 in the list of the Best Beaches in Greece, Myrthos beach, located on a Western side of Kefalonia island in Western Greece. Its name, Myrthos, you also can find in the name of Greek beer “Myrthos”. Since, according to Wikipedia, Myrthos had been “12 times called the best Greek beach”, it definitely deserves to be in the current list of top Greek beaches.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #4 Possidi Beach


Possidi Beach, number 4 on the list of the Best Beaches in Greece is located in the region of Central Macedonia, 100 km south from the second largest greek city of Thessaloniki on a Chalkidiki peninsula. Possidi, a well-know village, is a place specially built for tourists, that is why staying in this place will definitely bring you many positive emotions once the virus outbreak is over! In an article below of a popular Greek travel blogger it is also called the “the only Greek beach that changes its shape and dissapears”. Does it sound intriguing? For us surely!

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #5 Super Paradise Beach


When we speak about Greece, travel to Greece and Greek Beaches, we certainly come across Mykonos. And of course the Super Paradise Beach deserves to be number five in our list. just look at these shades of turquoise colours of the sea, umbrellas and people enjoying. Mykonos definitely missing you in 2020. Are you visiting this number 5 on the list of the Best Beaches in Greece this summer?

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #6 Balos Beach


Another Greek Island is very popular among tourists. Crete and its Balos beach with tender colours of yellow, the rocks emerges from the sea. A very attractive travel destination in Greece. The traveling between Athens and Crete is restarted on Monday, 18th of May 2020 and the rest of the islands on 25th of May. Start packing your bags to still get a chance to visit this beautiful beach of Balos, the number 6 on the list of the Best Beaches in Greece.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #7 Porto Katsiki


This beautiful beach is located on a Western Greek Island of Lefkada and reachable by car through a narrow mountain road leading to the most southern point of this island. The beach of Porto Katsiki has very strong reviews on Google by its visitors and its truly a must see travel destination in Greece in summer 2020. Would you love to enjoy the beauty of Porto Katsiki Beach, this summer? It is number 7 on the list of the Best Beaches in Greece!

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #8 Egremni Beach


Egremni is another amazing beach on Lefkada island in Western Greece and its neighbouring to Porto Katsiki. Although it is a little bit longer and there are no restaurants and cafes around. Probably thats why it has less 5-star reviews on Google and thats why we would like to put it on number 8 on the list of the Best Beaches in Greece.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #9 Agios Prokopios Beach


Agios Prokopios is a Greek beach, number 9 on the list of the Best Beaches in Greece is laying on the West side of the Greek island of Naxos. The name to this beach was given by the church of St. Procopius that stands uphill. The area of this beach features the whitish coarse sand line of about 1,5 km long, surrounded by several beach cafes and restaurants. Just hope that very soon the corona outbreak is over and the number 9 Greek Beach of Agios Prokopios will have a chance to uncover its uniqueness to its visitors again in summer 2020.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Greece. #10 Red Beach


This unique beach of Red Beach is on the position 10 of the list of the Best Beaches in Greece but it also could by no doubt be put on the position 1. The beach is located on Santorini, the famous tourist destination in Greece, and its name says by itself – it is truly the “red beach”. The beach is very scenic and of course, is popular by its color. The reddish colour to the sand is received by pulverized volcanic rock from nearby Santorini caldera, composed of black and red particles. This Greek beach as the rest on the nine Greek beaches above is eager to see you in 2020.Once the quarantine times as all bad times are eventually over.


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