What to Drink in Athens? Coffee at Veneti Coffee Shop and Bakery Athens
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It is May and normally Athens, Greece and Greek islands were full of people. What about this year 2020, that is unique just because it is a pandemic year. Some information on Greece coronavirus.

In Athens, Greece, this week brought more people on the streets after the complete lockdown became lighter.

On Saturday 9th May, late afternoon in the center of Athens were much more people than it was normally all six past week of a complete lockdown. People were walking on Monastiraki and Syntagma squares.

Ermou street (the shopping street in Athens) was also full of people. Some shops opened their doors first time in many weeks. The rest of the shops are due to open from 11-18th May.

Almost all coffee-shops had queues of people who went out for a Saturday evening walk in the city center of Athens. They didn’t stop serving customers in the times of lockdown but allowed only few people to be inside the shops at the same time.

More people are also in the metro. People are using face masks – it is obligatory. How people were on the streets in Athens Greece on Saturday 4th May – in the short video.


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