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Celebrities in Greece: Angelina Jolie in Greece

Angelina Jolie, an American actress, filmmaker, ex-wife of Bred Pitt and a mother, is also a traveller to Greece. In Peloponnese, the famous Greek peninsula, an amazing paradise-like place for Greek holidaymakers, there once was a 100-room luxury hotel Lakonis, which in its best years gave a roof and food to the famous celebrities. And Angelina Jolie was one of those celebrities in Greece.

Though currently the now abandoned hotel Lakonis (unfortunately) is waiting for its better days yet to come again, Angelina Jolie doesn’t stay calm. In 2016 she had another mission in Greece – humanitarian. She’s been meeting with a Greek PM and participated in talks about Greek refugee crisis. Angelina, it was in 2016, we are in 2020 now, please come back to Greece again!

Celebrities in Greece: Demi Moore in Greece

Demi Moore, born Demi Gene Guynes, an American actress and the star of the “Ghost”, is a frequent traveller to Greece. She’s been spotted often at the island of Mykonos. a cosmopolitan and a very luxurious exotic Greek resort in the Aegean See.

As Demi Moore says, she’s in love with the beauty of this unique Greek Resort and she does love her time spending there. Well, we can see on the pictures, how happy she is at Mykonos, the Greek Island in the Aegean Sea.

Celebrities in Greece: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, a young American singer-songwriter as well as an actress, possesses a couple of clubs in Greece and till 2018 she had a beach club-restaurant on the Greek island of Mykonos. That is why she’s been a frequent celebrity traveler to Greece and explained her wish to try to make some extra cash in Greece. The Mykonos island which is by far the most popular Greek travel destination for the world top celebrities, was probably a good spot for making money. Guess, something went wrong as the club “Lohan Coladas” looks rather abandoned.

Lets wish best of luck to Lindsay Lohan in the coming years and welcome her in Greece again!

Celebrities in Greece: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, another famous producer, filmmaker, musician, and of course, the famous actor of “the Pirates of the Caribbean” is another “celebrity in love with Greece” famous Hollywood citizen who travels to Mykonos. Johnny Depp is also called as a “most versatile actor in Hollywood” by actors and movies database of IMDB.

Grown up in the warm climate of Florida, raised by mother who had work as a waitress and father, the civil Engineer, once he travelled to Hollywood with his wife and that turned his life 180 degrees when he started to go to the castings, following by advice of Nicolas Cage. Guess what? Of course, Greece is not Florida, but the sun is shining as bright here too!

Celebrities in Greece: Tom Hanks in Greece

Almost everyone who lives in Greece knows this guy. Tom Hanks, another Hollywood producer, actor, who is well-known for his dramatic and comedic roles, is also a husband of a wife, Rita Wilson, who has a Greek mother! Many already know (and many have seen this celebrity in Greece) travelling every summer to the Greek island of Antiparos where the famous couple possesses a summer house. The couple do not hesitate to walk in the narrow streets of the village among other people.

In 2020 for the exceptional service during the summer 2018 when some small town around Athens suffered disasters of the wild-fires, Tom Hanks becomes a “honorary citizen” of Greece. Another circulating gossips are that Hanks is about to buy a second house in Greece. Great, Tom! By the way, Drama was also invented in Greece.

Celebrities in Greece: Madonna in Greece

Madonna, an American singer and song-writer, the entertainer as she’s been called by Wikipedia, is known by no doubt by everyone. Born Luise Ciccone, this American feminist woman grown up in the US state of Michigan, once came to New York city with 75 dollars in her pocket. Some lucky meetings, famous people, lots of luck (and later money) made her a true Pop-Queen of our time.

In the years before Madonna expressed often her love to Greece. Once she was so much amazed by the beauty of the Greek island of Ithaca that she has expressed an interest to buy a luxury villa in 2013. In spite of saying that “Greece is too far”, Madonna also posted some pictures of the streets of Athens showing graffiti with her images.

Madonna, once you finish the Madame X-show, you are welcome to come back, we need celebrities in Greece!

Celebrities in Greece: Maluma in Greece

Maluma, a Colombian-born singer who is currently having his Maluma World Tour is known by many and has many fans among the people 18-30 years old. It is almost like a prophecy – once you sing with Madonna, you will become a Prince of Pop soon. Before having sung with Madonna “Medelin”, the Spanish-speaking singer sang with Ricky Martin and Shakira.

Voila! Now he’s coming to Greece, where he is having concerts in Athens on 11th March at OAKA Stadium and on 13th March in Thessaloniki at PAOK Sports Arena. Tickets available online. Check out his concert, another rising start of those world celebrities in Greece.

Maluma in Athens tickets

Maluma in Thessaloniki tickets

Bonus: The Former Luxury Celebrities in Greece Hotel Lakonis in its Best Days

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