4 Tips on How to Enter Greece after Quarantine
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Greece gradually started to open the tourist season. There are now some restriction on how to enter Greece. These restrictions vary from country to country and there are different deadlines on opening borders for different countries. Anyway, there are 4 common tips on how to use Greece for all incoming passengers travelling from abroad.

1 Tip to Enter Greece after quarantine.

The tourist season will open in Greece on 15th June, and foreign flights in general, will restart on 1st July. All airports in Greece will start working also on these date. This information was given by by the prime minister of Greece Kiriakos Mitsotsakis.

2 Tip to Enter Greece after quarantine.

As it stated from above, the foreign tourist will be enter Greece from 15th June 2020, that is happening due to restrictions connected to coronavirus time are being lifted up. From 1st June the all-year round campings and hotels are started working again. From 25th of May its possible again to enter Greece by yachts and travel ships from foreign countries.

3 Tip to Enter Greece after quarantine.

Its known at the time of writing that people entering Greece on those dates will not be required to stay in a 14-day quarantine. But it is “possible” that they will be asked to go through the test for corona-virus

4 Tip to Enter Greece after quarantine.

It is also confirmed that in all touristic zones in Greece the special “quarantine hotels” will be organised. The hotels will serve as hotels for those who due to some circumstances have got the corona virus infection.

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