top touristic attractions athens monastiraki square

At the times of after-coronavirus pandemic situation the traveling, just like any other global branch of economy, is suffering from the most deep impact in its modern history of the last century. Traveling to Athens, the capital of Greece is not an exclusion. Athens enjoyed the period of blooming, the most promising one, followed by the most deepest economical crisis of the past decades. That’s why the blog decided to think about some alternative ways for tourists to still enjoy traveling.

What about free, self-organised walking city tours in the most touristic central areas of Athens?

Free – because traveling is already expensive enough and having some ideas for bargain touristic routes is fantastic in its simplicity. Not only giving you a list of the places you would want to see. There are already thousands of resources on internet about traveling to Athens and Greece and places to see in Athens, but what about instructions? On how to get to those “Places to see in Athens” and which route to follow just to be able not to skip something interesting, not to miss the great places in Athens? Now, get ready, because for preparation to this Free Walking tour you don’t need to do anything, just relax at the comfort of your own space, have few minutes of free time and read further! Made by locals.

For the inspiration, lets start our virtual (at the moment) tour that’s called “4 Stunning Squares and 3 Beautiful and Gorgeous Fountains to not miss in the Central Athens”, from the newly refurbished

1. Omonoia Square With One of the Tallest Fountains in Europe (30 metres)

Omonoia Square (Πλατεία Ομονοίας) has a long history in its development. It is, as a central place to go in Athens, has seen its rises and falls. Well, this is also about Athens as a city and as a metropolis. It once was to be blooming, powerful and rich nation that gave a base to many directions of modern civilisations.

The square is defined by some architectural plans of 19th century – exactly when Greece gained its independence from Turkey in 1821 on 25th of March. Now the square is one of the main travel hubs in Athens: many roads are connected to Omonoia Square in many directions.

Omonoia Square as a place to go in Athens have some other meanings – it is also a very important place to do shopping in Athens. If you are looking for a Primark-like shop areas in Athens, they are around Omonoia. Inexpensive shops are all around here – they are owned by many immigrants from South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh) living in Athens.

omonoia square is the transport hub and features one of the tallest fountains in Europe

In May 2020 the newly refurbished fountain in Omonoia Square was again opened for public. For some people it also served like a symbol of fighting and overcoming difficulties. Especially in the post-corona times it could be seen as a place that symbolises connections. Like Omonoia Square connecting many roads, the Fountain connects and attracts people arriving there to spend their free time. Omonoia square also has many places to eat around and there are plenty of inexpensive coffeshops and bars.

Hopefully Omonoia Square will one day overcome the period in the current difficult times and the newly opened fountain at Omonoia Square, the fountain that raises up to 30 meters high, is just a hope that this place to start the Free Walking Tour in Central Athens is on the right direction.

Leaving the Omonoia Square in one of its south exits, we will get to the Athinas Street. Just few hundreds metres further, on our left hand we will see the

2. Another not to miss place in Athens. Glamorous Kotzia Square with fountain and neoclassical buildings.

No one would expect to see an island of neoclassicism in Athens, the brick-populated megapolis with “polikatoikia’s” (Greek πολυκατοικια, -apartment blocks). But this is a very nice part of Athens as it is a very diverse city.

places to see in Athens - Platea Kotzia (Kotzia Square)

The square was built in 19th century, in 1874 and at that time it had another name – “Loudovikou, or “Ludovique Square”. The Kotzia Square also served as a starting point for men’s and women’s race during the Olumpic Games in Athens in 2004.

Basically this central place to go in Athens is also a so-called “City Hall Square”, and features another great fountain, number 2 from the current list of 3 Fountains in the central Athens to see. In the evenings, when the hot Greek sun leaves the city, the Kotzia Square and the fountain are lightened up by some light installations around the square.

Following more to South through Athinas Street, on the same left hand side one can see the Athens Municipal Market. The market features some monster market vitrines that will give you an impression that you are walking in a city of 60’s – 70’s of the last century. But, at the end of the Athinas Street there is another square that is on the current route for a Free Walking Tour in Athens. It is –

3. The Number One Top Touristic Place in Athens to Go the Lively and Cozy Monastiraki Square

The beautiful and adorable Monastiraki Square in Athens is indeed one of the most remarkable touristic points of interests to see. Monastiraki is full of people any time of the day and night. There are also plenty coffeshops around and many of them working 24/7. So if you came to this one of the most central touristic attractions in Athens and have some free time, just get some drink and enjoy life! Monastiraki is the right place for those who would love to discover Athens.

top touristic attractions athens monastiraki square

But first of all, Monastiraki is a starting point for many excursions and walking tours. Indeed, the Monastiraki square is full of many tourist amenities and historical buildings. Two of the best roof-top bars and restaurants are also located at Monastiraki square in to addition to the most of the popular coffee shop chains.

The view from this amazing place to go in Athens, the Monastiraki square, is really astonishing. The Parthenon, the famous architectural monument, is right in front of you. Lightened up in the evenings it adds almost a spiritual and a very romantic mood to those who are checking in at Monastiraki Square.

The main shopping street in Athens, the Ermou Street, is going through the Monastiraki Square and it ends at the final stop of this Free Walking tour through the 4 central squares in Athens

4. The Most Central Place to Go in Athens – the Awesome Syntagma Square

Syntagma Square is the square where all routes, both metro and bus routes from the Athens airport, have their stops. The name of the Syntagma Square comes from Greek language (Πλατεία Συντάγματος) and it means the square of Constitution. The name of Syntagma Square is connected with the first King of Greece, Otto, and the Constitution of Greece that he was obliged to grant after popular uprising on 3rd September 1843.

The history of the Syntagma Square, this stunning place that is a must see in Athens, begins in 1834 when the capital of modern Greece has moved from old Nafplio to Athens. At that time Omonoia Square was at the northern gates of the city, and Syntagma Square was designed at the place where the eastern boundaries of the city used to be in the past.

a central place to go in Athens, Syntagma square

On the western side of the square there is a view through the Ermou street and on the eastern side there is the monumental building of the Greek Parliament. Syntagma Square is not only one of the main transport hubs in Athens, but also a place where people of Athens like to come in the evening. The center of the Syntagma square is decorated with a fountain, the third on the current walking route. All this attracts many locals and tourists to make a stop at Syntagma Square.

This an example of a a free walking tour around the 4 stunning central squares in Athens and 3 fountains located on them. But as Athens is a very diverse cities, there might be dozens of many other self-made customised free walking tours that would help to discover Athens in a manner that locals know the city.


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